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Mexico City, Mexico
Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2024

About the team

To build a strong and diverse team is one of our most precious values, therefore your work will be decisive for our success in developing the Customer Experience Chapter.

You will help us to implement the customer excellence structure and be part of the construction of an amazing company that is bringing a financial revolution to Mexico.

Xplead leads by example, abiding to Nubank's values and culture, as well as putting our Leadership principles into practice.


In 1 year and a half we have almost tripled the number of customers (4.5 MM) and with the launch of Cuenta Nu in May 2023 we forecast to accelerate customer growth in the coming quarters. This is only the beginning of our journey in Mexico and we still have many challenges with new product launches and also the outsourcing increment that is currently at 30% and we expect by the end of next year to be above 80%. With this we have a big challenge and we are upgrading our structure to support the launch of new products and also to be an operation more focused on the customer journey and responsible for maintaining the same levels of quality while significantly increasing the % of outsourcing.

About the role

This position will be responsible for Headcount | Planning and Control, BPOs Management and Content Management:

HC | Planning and Control

Plan and control the service operation workforce combining Efficiency and Service Level.

  • Headcount Planning;
  • Operation sizing;
  • Crisis management with SLA impact
  • Real-Time monitoring of the operation with a focus on solving adhesion and incoming anomalies. (Control Desk)
  • Identification of chronic anomalies in the operation;
  • Monitoring and acting on deviations in productivity metrics;
  • Monitoring and acting on deviations in adherence metrics;
  • Monitoring and acting on deviations in the incoming forecast;
  • Preparation of management reports on operational metrics;

BPOs Management

Manage BPOs and identify opportunities for improvement so that BPOs can grow in a scalable and sustainable way and deliver the best performance according to Nubank's excellence standards.

  • Responsible for managing the BPO's efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction indicators
  • Ensuring that BPOs' Governance is being performed properly
  • Ensuring that BPOs' performance rituals (this includes the BPO's internal ritual) are carried out in accordance with BPO governance
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in performance indicators
  • Identify opportunities for improvement of Squad processes and tools that may impact the performance of BPOs
  • Preparation of management reports on the performance of BPOs
  • Make sure BPO is fully aligned with NU processes
  • Ensure BPO is constantly up to date and trained in the latest knowledge

Content Management

Promote the systematic improvement of the internal (Weduka and Macros) and external (FAQ and Auto-Reply) content base, aiming at a better experience and autonomy for internal (Agents) and external customers.

Weduka / Macros

  • Content creation and curation;
  • Ensure content accessibility
  • Manage creation/review demands based on new products and processes
  • Correlate the use of macros to customer experience metrics;
  • Identify opportunities to create/review macros in order to make service more efficient (time spent) and effective (quality, HSAT).

FAQ / Auto-Reply:

  • Manage creation/review demands based on new products
  • Ensure the best weight and keyword structures (FAQs);
  • Monitor Deflection and Positive Feedback performance
  • Identify deflection opportunities with AR
  • Coordinate the implementation of new ARs and improvements with A/B testing;
  • Monitor deflection and MSAT performance.

Preferred Qualification

  • English level needed: [Advanced]
  • Specific tools the Xplead will need
  • Effectively influences to gain the support of multiple stakeholders in individual or group settings
  • Ensures positive and productive relationships, diffusing any tension that arises and effectively managing through conflict
  • Brings strategic inputs to stakeholders in order to collaborate to squad goals
  • Reframes situations to get the involved stakeholders to understand each others' points of view
  • Effectively leads team meetings (document it when needed)
  • Define analysis and visualization patterns, based on statistical concepts and mathematical models, using them for decision making at squad level, correlating them with OKRs and BU or Chapter needs.
  • Has knowledge of which tables to find data related to the operation and other business metrics (ex: spending, HSat, MGM...) to elaborate hypotheses of correlation and impacts on the business.
  • Leads by the tactical eye, strategy and vision of the future about the business
  • Understands the operation's strategy and KPIs, correlates them to Nubank products
  • Participates in the planning and strategy and ensures implementation, monitoring and achievement of OKRs, including the process from start to finish to justify cases of non-achievement
  • Takes the lead in new initiatives, seeking for new solutions and connecting Nubank with best practices in the market.
  • Effectively manages up and is able to recognize when it's time to escalate and engage senior leaders in decision-making.
  • Guarantees that projects and processes are well aligned with the goals previously set by the squad (such as OKRs) and ensures project is integrated and consistent with other projects
  • Properly analyses and reports the results from projects after implementation, in order to better define the next steps.
  • Effectively navigates in complex and/or loosely defined team environment


  • Nubank equity
  • Health and life insurance
  • Food card
  • 17 days of paid vacation with 25% vacation bonus
  • Holiday Bonus ("Aguinaldo") of 30 days of pay per year
  • NuCare - Our mental health and wellness assistance program
  • NuLanguage - Our language learning program
  • Extended maternity and paternity leaves