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Solutions Architect



Oslo, Norway
Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024

Build the future of data. Join the Snowflake team.

We are looking for data experts who have a strong background in building data platforms and love to use their skills to supercharge data teams. Our team helps customers on their data journey with Snowflake, which is very fast becoming the central data platform for companies big and small. That means you will work on some of the most challenging data projects you can find, in a post-sales capacity.

We are hiring a range of seniority levels, though we do not currently hire people without relevant experience. During the interview process, we will form a view on your current level of expertise and match it to our internal career levels.

What we are offering:

We help each other to stay on top of the game and up-to-date with the latest features in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Snowflake had the biggest software IPO of all times and we continue to grow at a rapid pace, which means there is ample opportunity to change the future of data analytics by joining us. Not only will you work with Snowflakes latest and greatest capabilities, but also the cutting edge technologies of our partners.

Our compensation package offers a very competitive salary, plus equity on top. We are looking after the work life balance of our employees, which means our annual vacation is at the top of the market. We also have Snowdays - have a look at this LinkedIn post or other #snowday tagged posts from Snowflakes around the world.

For young families we are offering very attractive parental leave and support with adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy or infant care related questions. Private medical and insurance plans are part of our benefits, in markets where this is a customary employment benefit. Furthermore we provide strong private pension plans and other benefits, tailored to your country of employment.

Who we are:

The Snowflake Data Cloud was built from the ground up for the modern cloud, which means we can easily scale from empowering small start-ups to the largest companies in the world.

It is our mission to mobilize the world's data, so that businesses can be truly data driven. We think it is important that our platform is easy to use, which allows us to power companies at all stages of the data maturity journey. Here you can find examples of how we have helped companies in a wide range of industries.

We have seen a tremendous amount of success with our platform and continue to grow at a very fast pace, both in Europe and worldwide. That means we are constantly adapting the way we work and input is welcome from everybody on the team, which gives you the chance to make an impact.

What we do:

We are the professional services team of Snowflake, which means we help our customers by creating solutions that shape their businesses. Once our customers have made the decision to implement Snowflake, we accompany them in their journey with us.

This journey might start with our migrations team, who help our customers to plan and execute the migration of their data to Snowflake. Or it might begin with a Quick Start consultation, where we simultaneously explain best practices for working with Snowflake and translate them to our customers' specific use case.

After a period of time we might return to analyse our customers progress and provide further guidance. We might also look at specific topics such as their security posture.

Other customers prefer a more continuous engagement with us. In these cases we stay with them for a year or longer, in order to guide them from the initial setup of the platform all the way to advanced use cases that solve their trickiest challenges.

How we work:

We provide guidance to our customers. For most implementation work, we partner with our customers' engineering teams or members of our partner network.

While our core expertise is Snowflake, our platform is almost always at the centre of larger data architectures, which we help to design. Examples include architecting for GDPR or integrating with existing data lakes.

In addition to helping our customers, we help each other by answering questions on our internal Slack channels, writing content for our internal knowledge base or organising internal lunch and learn sessions.

Currently we work mostly remote, which has proven to be successful. While we do have region specific practices, we work with customers from across Europe. A consultant from Finland might for example work with a customer in the Netherlands. Internally we work together as a global team.

What are we looking for:

People who have a strong background in building data platforms and working on the surrounding data landscape. Some of our colleagues have a stronger background in data warehousing, data engineering, while others might be more at home on the data science or analytics side. The data warehouse is where we all come together.

Our ideal candidate can translate vague business requirements into technical requirements, find the appropriate solution and communicate both its technical merits and the business impact to stakeholders at different seniority levels. We are constantly adding new features, so explaining new concepts is essential for our success.

Since Snowflake is only available in the cloud, having experience of architecting solutions on AWS, Azure or GCP is a big plus. Similarly, having experience with data security, governance and discoverability concepts will be helpful in this role.

While SQL is a language everybody on the team knows very well, Snowflake is fast evolving to allow native integrations with Python, Java and Scala & with Snowpark , if you have experience with Spark you will definitely be able to put these skills to good use.

DataOps or DevOps for data teams is getting ever more important. Setting up CI/CD pipelines with automated tests and rollback capabilities is an activity we regularly engage in.

Bonus points to have:

We think Data Sharing will play a big role in the next generation of data cloud so if you are familiar with Data Sharing & Data Marketplace implementation that would be a big advantage.